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An Crsa Inntrigidh



S e inntirigidh gu Gidhlig crsa aig OGE a th' ann an Crsa Inntrigidh. Mar as bhaiste, bidh e air stiireadh le co-labhairt-fn ach bu chir dha duine sam bith a tha ag iarraidh an crsa seo a dhanamh ann an le cuir fios gu ICCI.

Fn            01496 810 818







Access to Gaelic Course



An Crsa Inntrigidh is the UHIs access to Gaelic course. It is usually delivered by telephone conference but anyone wishing to study this course in a class taught on Islay should contact ICCI.

Phone           01496 810 818





Clasaichean Gidhlig 2016 - 2017

Diciadain 7 An t-Sultain @ 4.30 f.
Wednesday 7th September @ 4.30 p.m.

Eadar-mheadhanaich 1
Dimirt 6 An t-Sultain @ 5.30 f.
Intermediate 1
Tuesday 6th September @ 5.30 p.m.

Eadar-mheadhanaich 2
Diciadain 7 An t-Sultain @ 11 m.
Intermediate 2
Wednesday 7th September @ 11a.m.

Diciadain 7 An t-Sultain @ 3 f
Wednesday 7th September @ 3 p.m.




Crsaichean goirid / Short courses
--> Fis igridh le is Dhira
--> Gidhlig san ite-obrach / Gaelic in the workplace


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